About Us

We thrive on our decades of experience, expertise and passion. Over the years we have made a significant contribution to the world's tailoring industry through commissioned cloth weaving and suit manufacture. Now we are sharing our expertise by offering our own range of elegant suits.

We can accommodate any style, occasion or brief. Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for busy people to enjoy quality tailoring, by offering suits made from the world's best fabrics at an affordable price. 

The finest worsted cloth

For decades our parent company, C&J Antich and Sons, have produced the world’s finest worsted fabrics. Woven in Huddersfield, Antich and Sons cloth has a reputation that spans across the globe. Now you can wear our suits with a wide range of variations, tailored to your size.

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Tailored In Huddersfield

We're proud of our local region, that's why we use local tailoring talent to produce high-quality garments. From weaving cloth, to ready-to-wear suits, our process is conducted completely within a two mile radius–making our suits truly Made in England.

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A Wide Range of Suits

Choose a ready-to-wear suit from our Antich Man range, customise and stylise your own suit with Antich Gold label, or choose our bespoke tailoring service if you wish for a more personal touch.

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Ask yourself, "Is it truly British?"

Many tailors will claim their suits are Made in England, but quite often they're manufactured overseas.